We are very happy that you found us. Now we can be sure that there are other true lazybones besides us out there. Because who are we, actually? We are the importers of holidays, quality lazy time and summer!

At your service are:

ALEKSANDER – the importer of Lazy and the chief lazybones of the gang. He's a strict taskmaster who ensures that everybody else is working hard.

ILONA – Lively secretary-task executer-marketing director-bundler-customer service rep. The right hand of our leader.

REIMO – visual wizard. Or a photo and video dude who can easily render all of our wildest ideas.

JULIKA – creative director. Nobody knows exactly what she does. But everybody knows that she is crucial to our mission. 

KELLY – wordsmith She jumps on board when the team needs to put ideas on paper. But she does other stuff as well.


If you have questions, ideas or suggestions, don't be shy! The whole team is great at giving advice. @ 2017 | Turvalisuse tagab: